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The 411 on random-width hardwood flooring installation

When you choose random-width hardwood flooring in Woodstock, you'll find it's a fantastic choice for every room. It's as beautiful as it is durable and serves extensive needs and preferences.

If you're new to this flooring line, you'll want to learn more about what to expect from installation. Here are some facts that could help you learn more and know what to expect.

What is random-width flooring?

Random-width flooring comes from taking at least three different-sized boards and installing them in "random" patterns throughout any room. The most common board sizes are three, five, and seven-inch planks, though others can be used.

Hardwood floors
create beautiful design and texture, but they originated in Colonial America, where these boards were all that was available. Adding it to your home can give you a vintage look while matching various other décor schemes.

What is the installation process like?

Measurements are the first step, so we'll know how much each board size should include. After measurements, acclimation is the next step to ensure proper humidity distribution to alleviate problems later.

Next comes the layout, where we'll carefully avoid repeating patterns by staggering the ends of the hardwood flooring. You may also see two rows with the same width to prevent the design from repeating.

If you have questions or preferences, speak with a flooring specialist while you're here. We look forward to working with you.

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