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The advantages of Mahogany hardwood flooring

Characterized by its opulent, brown-red hue and striped appearance, Mahogany hardwood flooring is truly a unique, eye-catching wood. Typically known for its durability and extensive lifespan, Mahogany is also a popular material for musical instruments and yacht-building, aside from being used to make lovely furniture, accessories, and hardwood flooring for your home.
As a favorite hardwood flooring in Georgia, it’s really no surprise why it’s seen in various styles of homes, from contemporary to rustic to traditional. While some homeowners may prefer light or dark shades, Mahogany rides the fence in the middle-ground as a warm, inviting brownish-red color. Without a doubt, it’s a true favorite of interior designers, especially nowadays, making Mahogany more and more in demand. If you’re considering this impressive, distinctive tone of wood, you may want to learn more about the many other advantages of opting for these hardwood planks.
The advantages of Mahogany
Mask dust and dirt. Neither too dark nor too light, Mahogany is that perfect middle-ground shade to mask dust and dirt build-up, making it nearly always appear clean and nice.
Budget-friendly yet attractive. As one of the more preferred hardwood flooring options, one that won’t break the bank, it’s also wonderfully budget-friendly compared to more exotic, hard-to-find species. What’s more, it’s also widely available in-store, making it even less expensive (though equally durable) than other alternatives.
Won’t fade quickly. Unlike very dark plank colors, this brown-red tone won’t fade easily in sunlight.
Matches with many different styles. Don’t worry about matching your floors to your walls, décor or furniture with Mahogany. All in all, it easily matches many different style choices. Actually, one of the main reasons why it’s so popular, is because the lovely patterns and texture of the planks really do work well with many a style.
Impressive hardness. Harder than several other types of wood like pine and oak, around 70% more sturdy, depending upon the wood, Mahogany is truly in a league of its own with such impressive hardness properties.
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