hardwood flooring installation

The pros and cons of hardwood flooring

Adding wood flooring to your Georgia home will not only enhance its beauty, it will increase the enjoyment factor of your residence. Solid hardwood comes in many widths and lengths in either strip, plank or parquet variations that can be stained to match a room’s design. Hardwood strips are commonly sold in ¾” thick by 2 ¼” wide planks but are also available in widths of 3 to 6 inches, or wider. Whatever your preference, our knowledgeable staff at Cherokee Floor Covering in Woodstock, GA, will help you make the right flooring decision for your project.
Hardwood flooring advantages
Durability and ease of maintenance are some of the best features of hardwood flooring and with regular and proper care, wood flooring can last for decades. Sweeping or vacuuming, and occasionally cleaning with wood-friendly products, will ensure long term enjoyment of your hardwood. Every few years, if showing signs of wear, you can have your hardwood refinished to return it to its original beauty. An additional benefit of solid hardwood is that you can change its look with a new stain color to match with a décor redesign. It’s like getting a new floor for a fraction of the cost!
Hardwood flooring disadvantages
While a good hardwood flooring solution is a great way to enhance and add value to your home, it can be costly. You’ll want to discuss the various options with one of our floor covering specialists. Other than the upfront investment for the flooring and installation, you need to keep in mind refinishing and re-staining costs that could arise should you decide to do so at a future date. Furthermore, wood floors can be noisier than carpet, so you’ll need to consider this if living in an apartment or condo, for example. Lastly, if you have pets or young children, beware that busier areas may begin to show wear earlier on. Nevertheless, your hardwood flooring investment will positively factor into the reselling value of your home.
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