hardwood flooring

The Real Lowdown on Hardwood Flooring

It’s certainly a fact that hardwood flooring will add style and elegance to your Georgia home, but even though it’s a top choice of consumers, myths still circulate like crazy.

Cherokee Floor Covering is addressing them once and for all.

Myth #1 is that it’s expensive, but not when you look at the big picture. These floors last for decades; we’ve even heard of a case where one lasted 100 + years.  

What’s more, most of the scratches are in the veneer, not the wood, so unless there’s structural damage from, say, water or termites, a refinishing might be all you need, and that’s certainly cheaper than replacement!

They also add value to your home, and real estate brokers have found that people will often pay more for a home with wood floors, and circling back to “no need for replacement,” it actually provides more value if the wood flooring is the original one.

Myth #2.  Hardwood flooring is noisy.  Sure, carpet is a great noise insulator and, while this can’t compete with that, there are a few things you can do to minimize any echo. One idea is to strategically place a few area rugs in places where it could be particularly noisy, such as under the dining room table

Myth #3:  You can refinish the floors yourself.  No! Although it’s fairly simple for the professionals, it’s not easy for you. First, the machine is heavy, and needs to be handled carefully.  Second, you can damage your floors and create holes, if you don’t use the sander with the right motion, rhythm and speed.

Third, those DIY rental machines don’t have the kind of power needed, so your floors will end up looking blotchy with uneven color, possibly with more scratches than before.

Myth #4:  They can’t be installed in kitchens. Well, water does damage hardwood, but unless your kitchen is prone to leaky pipes, they can look wonderful in that room, but you do need to be a little more watchful.

Appliances do sometimes flood (i.e., the dishwasher) so if that’s a concern, you might place a mat or area rug near it to trap moisture (and when it does, pick up it up immediately!)

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