Three Design Tips For 2018: How to Select Hardwood Flooring

​Attracted by its warm appearance and entranced by its authentic, one-of-a-kind character, you've finally decided your latest renovation needs wood flooring. However, your decision doesn't end here. Now, the dilemma is, how will you create the right atmosphere for your home, the ideal mystique for your room? The answer: Plank style and color finish. But who will help you figure out these two essential factors? At Cherokee Floor Covering, our Woodstock, GA showroom pros know just how difficult it is to choose surfacing materials. 
As such, they've come up with these 3 design tips for 2018 when searching for hardwood flooring in Georgia:

Tip #1 - Plank Size
Before selecting a plank size, consider the proportions of the space to be redesigned. Basically, you're looking to match the size of the planks to the room, keeping in mind that narrower slats make a space look cozy and warm, while wider planks create a sleeker, cleaner appearance. While you can certainly use wider slats in any area, from an interior design point of view, such widths are normally used in rooms that are over 1000 sq. ft., so they don't overwhelm the area visually.

Tip #2 - The Finish
Deciding upon the right finish is a whole other ball game. In essence, such a choice should focus on visual effect, the feel of a room, maintenance, and durability. When it comes to the finish, you'll need to select from waxed, oil, lacquer, and urethane. On top of that, you must consider what kind of texture or gloss you'd like in your room. At the moment, a low sheen is very popular, as it tends to hide wear-and-tear quite well. Busy households with children or pets, for instance, would benefit with such a finish feature.

Tip #3 - The Flow
The element of fluidity is fundamental in any hardwood flooring project. Ensure a space seems cozy and welcoming to the eye, by running the planks perpendicular to the joist, from the main entryway straight through to the rear of the residence. Maintain harmony, another important element in the overall interior design, in your surfacing layout, by keeping all the planks in the same direction. When the flow is stunted visually, the rooms seem disconnected and awkward.