Three Floor Covering Fun Facts That Might Surprise You

We spend a lot of time here on Cherokee Flooring blog talking seriously about flooring. So, we thought it would be nice to let our hair down a bit and have some fun with it this week. We got to looking around the internet for some more obscure facts about flooring, uncovered some surprising trivia that's a little lighter than our usual fair, and decided it would be fun to share it with you! Here are the 3 most interesting tidbits that we dug up!
1. Carpet Diem!

Carpet has been around for an awful long time now. It goes at least as far back as ancient Rome, where it got its name. You've probably heard the phrase "Carpe Diem", often translated as "seize the day". Well, a closer translation would be "Pluck the day". That's where carpet comes in.

Back then, carpet was made from fabric that had been frayed through a plucking process. The root word for carpet comes from the Latin "carpere", meaning "to pluck.” Isn't that something?

2. That Rug Really Tied the Tomb Together

The oldest surviving carpet was found in the tomb of a Scythian prince in the frigid, icy valley of Pazyryk in Siberia. According to radio carbon dating, this rug was made sometime around the 5th century BC.

Even the most diligent floor covering companies of the modern era would kill to have their carpets offer that kind of service life! 

3. Any Chance I Could Talk You Down on That Price a Bit?

Anyone shopping for flooring on a budget, has probably experienced the dreaded "sticker shock". Imagine finding a beautiful tile floor, asking after the price, and being told that it costs a whopping $1 million per square foot! Well, if you were looking at a specific tile design from Petra Firma, that's exactly what you'd get!

This black marble tile floor features 95 brilliant cut diamonds arranged in a flower petal pattern around a black agate circle. On second thought, do you have this style in luxury vinyl tile?

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