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Three questions about hardwood flooring and moisture

No one can doubt the allure of wood floors. They’re stylish and add warmth and charm to a room.

Since water and moisture are such significant issues, especially for solid wood, we are providing a small guide. Please read further to find answers to three of the top questions about hardwood flooring and moisture.

Can I install wood floors over a concrete subfloor?

It depends on the type. Generally, it isn't recommended for solid wood. It is, however, acceptable for engineered wood.

Concrete is damp and solid wood expands and shrinks to adjust. This is best discussed with a professional at our hardwood flooring showroom.

What is acclimation?

This is a necessary pre-installation process. The wood probably grew in another climate. Acclimation lets the wood's moisture levels align with your home.

Opened boxes are left in the room where the floor is installed for three to five days. The room should be climate controlled with no excessive heat or air conditioning.

Engineered hardwood flooring must also be acclimated. These floors are often installed to float, and the slightest movement will throw them off balance.

What should I do if my hardwood gets wet?

Immediately remove all wet towels, furnishings, rugs, etc. Use dehumidifiers and fans and, weather permitting, open windows.

Use a wet vac to soak up the water. Then, wipe dry with a towel and use the wet vac again. 

Clean the wood floors with a non-sudsing disinfectant cleaner and a soft brush. Remove any leftover water with the wet vac.

Inspect them thoroughly for any hidden water and consult a flooring expert if necessary.

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