Three reasons hardwood flooring is trending

Three reasons hardwood flooring is trending

When you need impressive visuals and performance, wood flooring is a great choice. These floors are timeless, and many other floor coverings attempt to mimic them.

If you appreciate these floors, you're in good company. Here are three reasons they are trending for your consideration.

1. They are one of the longest-lasting materials

With professional installation and regular care, these floors can last more than 100 years. That means you may never have to replace them.

This is a significant financial saving over time since replacement isn't necessary. Refinishing is an option to renew the look and costs only a fraction of the new engineered for solid hardwood flooring price.

2. They are easy to customize

Customizing a personal appearance with these materials is easier than you might think. You can mix and match a wealth of options, including:

  • species type
  • width/length
  • stain color
  • finish type
  • texture
  • installation layout
  • and more!

  • 3. They are trendy and current

    Hardwood flooring rarely goes out of style, even after years in place. So you can start with a classic, timeless appearance and refinish it to meet later needs.

    Current trends include light stain colors, whitewashed appearances, and textured surfaces. Be sure to consider them all as you search for the perfect wood flooring for your home.

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