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Three Ways That Hardwood Flooring Can Save You Money

There is a common misconception that hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive flooring choices available. It's easy to understand why people might think this, because the initial investment required to buy into wood flooring is considerably higher than for other flooring options. However, that investment is exactly that, an investment.

Looking only at the price, yeah, hardwood is expensive. When you consider what you get for that price, however, things start to look a little different. So, Cherokee Flooring put together this quick guide to help shine some light on why hardwood flooring isn't expensive, it actually saves you money, in the long run.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other flooring options, wood floors are extremely easy to maintain. For instance, carpeting requires regular, somewhat costly, professional cleaning to get the full service life of the floor. Over the years, these frequent cleanings can add up to a pretty tidy sum.

Wood, however, is extremely easy to maintain and doesn't require bi-annual service from a professional. All you need to do is make sure it doesn't get gouged or scratched, sweep regularly, and occasionally run a slightly damp microfiber mop around the floor every so often and your floors will look great for years, even decades!

Extremely Long Service Life

Wood flooring also saves you a ton of money over the long haul, because it rarely needs replacing. Some flooring options, like LVT, can last for as much as ten years. Hardwood flooring, however, has a lifespan that is measured in decades.

This is due, in large part, to the fact that a solid wood floor can be repaired by sanding it down and refinishing it. Not only does this restore the flooring to a like-new state, but it also allows you to occasionally change the color of the flooring! With other materials, you'd have to completely replace the floors in the event of severe damage or the desire for a new look!

Increased Home Value

If you plan on selling your home someday, hardwood flooring is definitely the way to go! Ask any realtor and they will tell you that having hardwood floors in a home, is a sure way to increase both the appeal and price of that home.

Your house will look better, carry a larger price tag, and you can even enjoy the beautiful floors in the years before your sale. It's a total win-win!

Interested in Learning More?

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