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Unique Wood Flooring Stain Ideas

If you’re looking for a unique way to give your home a new look, refresh old planks, or to enhance the grain and appearance of your hardwood flooring, choosing a new stain is a great alternative to a complete overhaul. Also, it’s a substantially less expensive option, and one that’s eco-friendly too.

However, while there are a ton of stain colors to select from, it’s essential to first consider the feel and look you want to achieve for your room. In search of a way to make your house feel airier or a room bigger? Then lighter stains are the way to go. But if you’re hoping to add sophistication and drama instead, you may want to check out darker stains. In the end, as we tell our Cherokee Floor Covering clients who visit our Woodstock, GA showroom, the results depend upon a few different factors, such as hardwood flooring species, humidity levels, condition, and age, as well as the type of stain you select.

Curious to get more information for your upcoming renovation? For a few unique stain ideas, read on!

Red and Honey Stains
If your goal is to enhance grain or add depth, then you’re likely best off with stains that have red, honey or orangey tones. These tones create a welcoming, warm room, a look that’s easily paired with both contemporary and classic furnishings. Complement the look further with white wood furniture and white walls, which is also a great way to get more warmth, as opposed to a cool, almost clinical vibe.

Coffee and Mid-Brown Stains
For homeowners who insist they want a chic and refined appearance, roasted coffee and mid-brown stains work wonderfully. Aside from adding a healthy dose of class, these stains are very versatile, and serve as a neutral background shade. Pair with grays and blues for a more relaxed, cool sensation.

Extra Dark Brown and Near-Black Stains
For truly impressive hardwood flooring in Georgia, be on the lookout for very, very deep tones, colors so dark they give your planks an otherworldly appearance. If you’re not afraid of being bold, and definitely want to make a statement, then dare to be different with extra dark brown or near-black stains.