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Want a Fun, Fresh Look? Opt for White Wood Flooring!

Whenever we mention the color white as a hardwood flooring alternative, many people tend to cringe, picturing hours upon hours of time spent maintaining an unblemished appearance. In truth, if you have children or pets, white is likely not your first pick in the wide range of colors out there. But, perhaps after reading this post, such a tone will make it's way back into your good books. While in the past white surfacing was merely a lovely dream that was believed to be completely unmanageable, the truth is, modern-day technological advancements in the manufacturing industry no longer makes white hardwood flooring an unattainable image.

At Cherokee Floor Covering, our Woodstock, GA showroom is full of stunning white options . Why not drop by and check out our high-quality offers for your next renovation? Still not convinced? Then read on, and maybe, we'll be able to change your mind!

Timeless Elegance That Transcends Fads

Why should you consider an all-white hardwood flooring in Georgia? In essence, it's a chance to choose a design that's not a fad, rather an elegant style that's truly timeless. That means, it'll never go out of fashion, and so, you won't get bored of it, or tempted to redo your room before you were prepared to do so. Not only does white offer a modern look, it also freshens a home, giving it a fun, light appearance that isn't tied to a current trend.

It's Easier Than Ever to Keep it Clean

Thanks to current technological advancements in surfacing materials, it's easier than ever to keep your white planks clean. It's all about the superficial layers and finish that detracts dust, and maintains its brilliant appearance. So, if you have toddlers running back and forth, as well as pets that promenade throughout your house, there's no need to fear cleaning time. Really, there's no reason it will take you longer to clean your white planks, and in fact, maintenance is substantially lower, when compared to slats in darker tones. Go on, walk on the wild side, and select magically pristine white wood.