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What color carpet pairs well with hardwood flooring?

If you have hardwood flooring, but that’s not your wall to wall floor covering through the home, you might also be considering carpet floors in another area. To ensure the very best décor scheme, matching the carpet color with your hardwood is a great idea. And we’re going to help you figure out what’s best for your particular flooring.

There are wide varieties in both flooring types, and colorations can vary significantly in hardwood the same as in carpet. The truth is, the best carpet color is going to depend on the color of your wood floors. So let’s look at some options.

Color variety in carpet floors

It might be that you are installing carpet into a room adjacent to a room with hardwood flooring. Or it might be that you are looking to create a custom area rug for a room that is already floored with wood. In either case, you want the best carpet color combination for a stunning décor match.

Carpet color is highly dependent on the color of your wood flooring. For instance, some colors stand out better on dark wood than on light and vice versa. For dark wood, we suggest beautifully natural tones such as greens and browns, especially in areas where you prefer a pleasant and calm environment.

If your wood floors are light in color, you have much more freedom of expression through your carpet colors. For instance, you can choose deeper, more vibrant tones in reds, and purples, and blues, to truly amp up the visuals in any space.

For more information about color combinations in carpet choice, be sure to visit Cherokee Floor Covering. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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