What Kind of Floor Suits Your Style?

Selecting the right floor covering can be overwhelming.  First, there’s the selection, what with all of the colors, patterns and textures. Second, there’s your lifestyle and style. Do you have kids, pets, heavy foot traffic, limited time, and a penchant for frequent entertaining? Is your home casual, modern or traditional? Third, and maybe most important, is budget and these days everyone needs to think about economy.  That’s exactly why you need to choose someone who carries a large stock of colors, patterns, textures; at an affordable price.

That’s also exactly why Woodstock, GA residents need to choose Cherokee Floor Covering, one of the largest floor covering companies around.
If it’s carpet you want, come into the carpet store in our Woodstock, GA showroom. We can show you the plushest versions, as well as cut and patterned looks, or shag. Now, shag has an interesting history; when it was first introduced in the 70s, it was only available in limited tones like brown, orange, yellow and green. It was always known for softness and a plush-like and textural quality, but that limited color choice held some people back. All of that changed in the early 2000s, when it was reintroduced with many new colors to give it an updated and high-fashion look. It still has those thick, plush fibers, so it’s great for the bedroom or a kid’s playroom, but you may want to avoid the dining room where food can often drop.

Cut and loop is always a popular choice. All that means is that it’s a style that combines looped fibers with straight cut ones. This style allows for more creation of a design, be it geometric or abstract; there have even been some patterns with a marble look. 

If it’s the budget-friendly luxury vinyl tile you seek, look no further than us! You get it all:  Style, durability and affordability. It’s moisture-resistant, can look like stone or marble, and has an easy click and locking system for installation, perfect for do-it-yourselfers. There are many color and style options of these “tiles”, so you can mix and match to create your own unique look. The highly-designed look is ideal for both formal and casual settings, and a great choice, whether it’s for the kitchen, bath, family rooms or den.

To dispel a myth, this product does not wear off with heavy foot traffic. As part of the manufacturing process, it is topped by a protective, clear plastic wear layer, so it stands up to heavy traffic, kids and pets.

Come into the Cherokee Floor Covering showroom in Woodstock, GA, and let us show you how to get form + function in your floor covering.