Which is better? Light or dark hardwood flooring?

Which is better? Light or dark hardwood flooring?

We hear that question all the time when people shop for wood floors. Of course, both are excellent choices, but the decision will depend upon your lifestyle and decor.

Here are the pros of each hardwood flooring option. You decide!

Light floors: easy to coordinate

Light tones, like blond, caramel, beige, etc., work well in any decor and with almost any color palette. With the right furnishings, they can be traditional or contemporary, eclectic, coastal, etc.

Light floors add a right, airy atmosphere to the room, making it seem larger. These floors also add visual texture, especially if the grains and knots are darker than the overall color tone.

Light wood has a natural advantage: Light hardwood flooring hides dust, scratches, and light dirt well. It's the ideal choice if you have kids or pets.

Dark floors: dramatic and sophisticated

Dark-toned wood absorbs light, which means there's less fading. That results in fewer refinishing times for you!  

Dark wood displays wood's grain better. As a result, it can make a stunning design statement, especially with contrasting colors.  

Dark wood floors work best in a room that has plenty of natural light. Dark dirt tends to blend in well-but dust, and light-colored pet hair will be visible.

All wood flooring increases property values. To find out more, visit our hardwood flooring showroom.

Still can’t decide which way to go?

Good news–you don't have to! One of the hottest wood colors today is Honey/Copper.

This is a middle-of-the-road hue. These floors are a bit darker than blond but still light enough to make your room look bright and airy– with a rich warmth and warm tone.

By the way, the honey wood color is classic, not just a trend. 

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