Which is the Best Floor Covering for Me?

​Wow, do we ever hear that one a lot, but there’s no simple answer; It’s going to come down to this: What is your lifestyle?  Do you have kids or pets?  What room or rooms are you planning to cover?
We know the large selection of flooring types can be dizzying, so we’ll narrow it down a little for each room. Cherokee Floor Covering is one of the largest floor covering companies in Woodstock, part of the Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Bathroom:  This is a high-moisture level room, because there are showers and tubs. You definitely do not want hardwood, because it can seep into the wood and cause swelling, discolorations and warping. 

You probably don’t want carpet either, because it can seep, even into the padding, and grow mold and mildew. If you absolutely must have it, though, ask the pros in our carpet store for some suggestions on how to make it work better.

A good choice is anything that’s impervious to water; a good choice is luxury vinyl tile, because it is 100 percent waterproof, but doesn’t come with the sticker shock of the real thing.

Kitchen:  Seriously, you don’t want to carpet this room, but almost anything else will work well. Hardwood may require a little extra care, however, such as some area rugs placed strategically to keep it from getting wet, as in front of the sink.

Bedrooms, kids’ rooms and nurseries:  Carpet is a great floor covering choice for these rooms and here’s why:  First, it absorbs sound, so you’re not disrupted by running electronic devices or anything else. Second, it thick and plushy, and there’s nothing better than stepping into that first thing in the morning. Third, because it’s so soft and thick, there are no worries about hard falls so the kids can run as much as they want. 

Finally, choose a neutral shade that goes with anything, and you can refresh your room decor simply by changing up the accessories.

Living Room:  Anything, really, will work, but if you have one of those open spaces that also includes the dining room, you may want to think twice about carpet, because food will be dropped.  If you have pets, be sure to keep their nails trimmed and if you have hardwood, don’t wear high heels on it!

We hope that helps narrow it down a bit. It’s best to write down all of your concerns and as much about your lifestyle and habits as possible. Then, come into Cherokee Floor Covering in Woodstock, GA, so our experts can advise you further.