We’ll admit there might be a little sticker shock at first but, when you look at the big picture, wood flooring isn’t really that pricey, First, it goes with any environment, from the most traditional to contemporary, so you won’t have to replace it, even if you do switch up your design.

Second, it’s important to know that when your hardwood flooring starts to look scratched or worn, you’ll probably just need is a refinishing, not a complete replacement. Then, you can even break the refinishing down further into simple or more thorough.  
Simply, you won’t be caught off guard with major flooring expenses.

Cherokee Flooring has a large stock of hardwood flooring in GA. Our showroom is in Woodstock, part of the Greater Atlanta area.  We’re going to answer some of the most commonly heard concerns.

Myth Debunked:  Hardwood Flooring Is not Noisy
This is simple physics. Some materials echo sound vibrations more than, say, fabrics, so interrupt them with wall hangings, curtains, or even a strategically-placed area rug.

In dining rooms, you can add seat and back cushions or table cloths; I know someone who keeps a crocheted table runner on her dining room table for decoration, and has an area rug-with-padding under the table, and has also dedicated a wall to canvas-backed portraits of her kids.  

The room is totally silent!  Yes, the floor is wood.
It’s also:
  • Easy to maintain. Just because something’s beautiful, doesn’t mean it is high-maintenance, so let’s be clear on this one:  All you need is a soft broom, damp mop and, for more thorough cleaning, a manufacturer approved soap. Be sure to turn off vacuum beater bars. Keep your pet’s nailed trimmed, and don’t wear high heels on it.

  • Okay for some kitchens.
There’s a long-running debate about installing them here.  It’s no secret that water can cause warping, but if your kitchen isn’t prone to leaks, and you keep a few mats by the sink or dishwasher, you’ll be fine.

Cherokee Flooring has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.  If budget’s still an issue, we can also show you how to get some wonderful wood looks with our laminate and luxury vinyl products.  Again, our showroom’s in Woodstock, GA