Will I have to wax my hardwood flooring?

Will I have to wax my hardwood flooring?

Most hardwood floors, except engineered wood, should be waxed every 12 to 18 months. It seals the porous wood surface, enhances shine, and protects it from stains, scratches, and dents.

What is floor wax?

Available in either paste or liquid form, it is made from natural, organic substances like beeswax or linseed oil. Alternatively, it can be a synthetic which is a floor polish.

Natural is eco-friendly, but synthetics can be easier to work with since they're primarily available as liquids.

Why doesn’t the engineered version need it?

Engineered planks are factory-finished. This hardwood flooring has an ultra-tough acrylic finish that can only be used in controlled settings. This will be enough to guard the floor.

Why everyone loves a wood floor

Hardwood floors have an allure that can't be doubted! They add warmth and charm to a room and are versatile enough to work with any decor.

Best of all, wood floors are classic and timeless. They'll never go out of style. 

Even the trends are classic. For instance, herringbone is currently trending hot–but it's been around for decades.

Feel free to come into our showroom when shopping for hardwood flooring in Woodstock, GA. You'll see gorgeous wood designs like Butterscotch by Somerset. It's available as both a solid and engineered hardwood.

Long-lasting beauty

Wood floors have lasted for decades. Solid has been known to last for 100 years, while engineered can last up to 50.

Real estate value adding

Any hardwood floor has the highest ROI. You'll see 70% to 80% of the cost as reflected in your property values.  

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