Woodstock Ga Celebrates Renovation Opening of Chattahoochee Technical College

Woodstock Cherokee Floor Covering, and many other local vendors, was very happy to see the opening of the tech college again. It has been a long wait, to be sure, but it has finally happened, and to great fanfare if news reports are to be believed.
MDJ Online recently announced the news:

“The newly renovated campus at 8371 Main St. in Woodstock dates back to the 1930s as the home of Woodstock Elementary School. Of the eight campuses Chattahoochee Technical College now operates, the Woodstock campus is the oldest facility...'They have done a great job on remodeling, it’s beautiful,' former Woodstock Elementary School student and lifelong Woodstock resident Jimmy Long said.”

Source: MDJ Online, <a href="http://mdjonline.com/bookmark/26923847">Chattahoochee Technical College celebrates revamped Woodstock campus</a> by  Kayla Elder.
As a local Woodstock, GA flooring outlet, Woodstock Cherokee Floor Covering is proud of the hard work that it took to get the school back on its feet. They are also proud of the fact that the local community has taken such an interest in keeping a local landmark around. It is not that uncommon in this day and age for older structures to be demolished so newer buildings can be erected. Woodstock Cherokee Floor Covering and its employees have long felt that keeping as much local history in place as possible is a worthwhile endeavor, and that proves out with the beautiful reopening of the Chattahoochee Technical College’s Woodstock campus located at the original site of the Woodstock Elementary School.

Located in Woodstock, Cherokee Floor Covering believes that hard work and honesty will always pay off when it comes to dealing with the public. This was true during the long renovation process for the tech school and it is true in everyday dealings with one another. 

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